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Electric aircraft for long-distance flight in the stratosphere, above the all-star
Designer Daphnis Fournier developed a concept of the future eco-friendly aircraft, capable of huge distances in the stratosphere. Aircraft airship, without using a single gram of jet fuel is moved in the air due to the huge tank with helium and four electric turbines running on solar energy.
Bronze Lion Peugeot Onyx - eco sports car of the future

A strong and successful brand identity should be flexible enough to be adopted on a wide range of products.

Peugeot’s current design style and brand identity was first shown on the 2010 SR1 concept car, but rather than being restrained to open-top sports cars, the style has successfully been translated onto other body templates.

Models such as the four-door 2010 5 Concept, prelude to the 508, the 2010 HR1 Concept shows how well it befits a small SUV, and the EX1 fires the imagination with its ground hugging space-age looks

NoteMark pen scanner digitizes paper documents in an instant
In January 2013 the Canadian company NoteMark introduced a new pen equipped with a camera, laser and high-quality microphone. It is the first pen, which allows the digitization of printed text, without the help of a traditional scanner.

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